Colours: bronze metal gold

Finish:Relief Metal shiny


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Everything in nature is modelled on the sphere, the cone, and the cylinder - Paul Cézanne
This quotation could be used as a key to understanding the new GranitiFiandre collection: Luminar Luminar weaves together different fields of knowledge, the "warp" of technology and the "woof" of a cultural background that draws on several sectors to craft the excellence of GranitiFiandre. The surface of the material is covered by a continuous series of concentric circular engravings: the result is a bright, reflective surface, created in part through a special treatment that is applied to the technical porcelain stoneware to ensure outstanding aesthetic results. Luminar gets its visual impact from the unique optical effect given by its surface design. It is an interactive material that plays with light, is born of light, reflects light, and generates light.

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