Eric Owen Moss, Umbrella
Culver City, California

The "Umbrella," is an experimental project, innovative in the in the use of material and courageous in its architectural formal approach.

Instead of the standard arrangement of outer offices and open desk areas in the centre, Moss designed a labyrinth of open and closed, normal and double height, separate and connected spaces equivalent to the Umbrella's structural flexibility. As he claims: "This is a place with no hierarchy, but of fluid and flexible spaces".
The project has won several prizes, one of which is the: "Saflex Glass Design Award, 2001". With great courage and vision, the design elements were reconciled with the technology, arriving at these results: " . .
An outstanding innovative use of material.
It is an incredible achievement: a new project. It's proof, given the opportunity, an architect can be extremely creative, innovative..." as the Judges of the award commented.

Shira Brand