The Beehive Conference Center. Culver City (California). Eric Owen Moss. 2001

" Putting into practice formal solutions never before attempted, often provocative, taking steps toward contamination and the unusual: in this project Californian architect Eric Owen Moss admirably represents his work, even though his choices cannot be traced to a single evolutionary line. For his outstanding characteristic is precisely this: he never gets tired of experimenting. "

Jean Nouvel. Guthrie Theatre. Minneapolis. 2006

" Chosen from among thirty-five proposals, Jean Nouvel's plan for the new Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis is the French architect's first project in the USA. "

Visiting Artists House - Jim Jennings Architecture
Geyserville, California, 2003

" There is a lot of talk about the relationship between architecture and sculpture. Numerous exhibitions have looked into paths for interaction, possible dialogues, and forms of comparison. Bilbao, for instance, recently hosted ArchiSculpture, an exhibition exploring interaction between Architecture and Sculpture since the eighteenth century. "

Oceanogràfic. Valencia. Civis Project. 2002

" One of the world's most technologically advanced marine habitat structures, Oceanogràfic is also a spectacular work of architecture, whose sinuous forms and white colour clearly allude to the ocean waves. "

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo De Castilla y León, Mansilla + Tuñón. León. 2004

" The spring of 2004 brought the city of León a triumph of colours. Not only the usual spring blossoms, but the opening of the new MUSAC - Museo de Arte Contemporáneo by Mansilla + Tuñón. Colours, lights, articulated, jointed forms, autonomous yet inter-related, form a structure filled with life, designed to pay homage to the Spanish city's proverbial vivacity. "

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