ZAO/standardarchitecture: Micro-Yuan’er in a hutong in Beijing

" An art centre and a library designed by ZAO/standardarchitecture in a converted hutong in Beijing. Micro-Yuan’er is the name of the project ZAO/standardarchitecture implemented in the Cha'er Hutong, without betraying its historic architecture. "

Cultural Center of European Space Technologies (KSEVT) in Vitanje

" Bevk Perovic, Dekleva Gregoric, OFIS and Sadar + Vuga, perhaps the four most important architectural studios in Slovenia today, worked together on the Cultural Center of European Space Technologies (KSEVT) in Vitanje. Opened in 2012, the KSEVT abounds in symbolism linked with the iconography of space exploration. "

Iris Group SuperSurfaceSpace Gallery, designed by Metrogramma, Moscow

" The Iris Group has opened SuperSurfaceSpace, its new Moscow gallery and showroom. The interior is designed by Metrogramma, who came up with an innovative system of steel panels covered with ceramic permitting transformation of the space for many different functions. "

Michelin et Associés BNU Strasbourg’s National University Library

" French studio Michelin et Associés restored the BNU Strasbourg’s National University Library. Michelin et Associés adapted the monumental late nineteenth-century building housing Strasbourg’s National University Library to today's practical requirements. "

MX_SI and the expansion of the Gosta Serlachius Museum in Finland

" The three young architects of Spanish studio MX_SI have won the competition for expansion of Gosta Serlachius Museum in Finland. With the Gosta Serlachius Museum project, MX_SI focuses on and guides the context of the landscape, offering a central position to the old Joennimei Manor House where the museum was originally housed.

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