Vector Architects and the Seashore Library on the beach in China

" The Seashore Library, winner of the Archmarathon prize, is one of Vector Architects’s most surprising projects. A concrete block on the beach in Beidaihe New District, China, represents Vector Architects’ reflection on the relationship between landscape and architecture. "

Kengo Kuma designs Towada City Plaza community centre

" After winning a competition organised by the municipality of Towada, Kengo Kuma built Towada City Plaza with the intention of attracting interest and attention back to the centre of the Japanese city. Kengo Kuma’s Towada City Plaza project is already famous for its wooden playground inspired by the hilly landscape. "

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter (RRA): Kimen Cultural Centre Stjørdal

" At the end of a competitive tender process by invitation announced in 2010 Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter (RRA) was successful in winning the project for the Kimen Stjørdal Cultural Centre, in the heart of Norway. RRA designed a technological container of concrete, steel and glass with a roof inspired by the local traditional houses which have double-pitched roofs.

Vincenzo Latina and the Artemision pavilion in Syracuse

" Vincenzo Latina designed the Artemision pavilion on the Island of Ortigia, Syracuse. Artemision adds a new layer to the area’s already rich architectural stratification, which includes an Ionian temple of Artemis, offering the archaeological site a view over Piazza Minerva and the cathedral.

RPBW Renzo Piano and the new Whitney Museum in New York

" The Whitney Museum of American Art has left the famous and controversial Breuer Building behind for a new home in Gansevoort Street, New York designed by Renzo Piano’s studio RPBW. Between the Hudson River and the High Line, Renzo Piano’s Whitney Museum makes the most of the character of the Meatpacking District.

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