Hotel al Plan

07-06-2004 Facebook Floornature Twitter Floornature Google Plus Floornature Location: Andalo (TN), Italy
Client: Bottamedi family - Hotel Al Plan
Construction: 2003
Project surface area: 340,000 m2
Budget: about 16,000 euros
Materials: Quarzite Rosa and Porfido Brown
Special work: Rose
Contractors: Tuttedil - Ton di Trento (TN)

The restaurant floor has a polished finish, while the hall and bar areas and the service stairway from the ground floor down to the underground floor are paved with a pre-polished finish which is less slippery, as required by building regulations.
In the centre of the hall is a beautiful polished rose for an additional touch of elegance, and the entrance is embellished with an ornament created in Porfido Brown, also used with a bush-hammered surface.
The laying technique employed was highly successful, and scheduling of drying times for the base material and plaster was perfect.
The new floor was laid over the old one, levelling off critical points; in only a few areas was it necessary to repair the base.
The frames laid to form the central carpet in the restaurant required accurate measurement so that the strip would be positioned in precisely the points identified by the designer to guarantee the success of the design.
Irisfmg Man-made stone turned out to be an excellent choice: all materials offered excellent technical qualities and fitted perfectly into the design of the hotel, enhancing its interiors, picking up on the colour of furnishings and creating pleasing combinations.

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