VilLA NM - UNStudio. Upstate New York, Catskills, 2006

" Set on a hill not far from New York City, UNStudio's VilLA NM is shaped like a living body and appears to have its own soul and eyes. "

Casa El Cerro - Edgardo Minond. Punta Ballena, Uruguay

" Casa El Cerro is an elegant home that establishes a intimate relationship with the land. "

Casa Camino in Farellones
Max Núñez, Bernardo Valdés and Nicolás del Río, Santiago, 2006

" On the northern side of the Mapocho river valley, Casa Camino in Farellones is inspired by interaction with the land, by the movement of the landscape, its vegetation and its views. "

Peter Lorenz. Sottolfaro. Trieste. 2004

" A bold, provocative project which many have failed to understand and therefore rejected: Sottolfaro is a complex of 6 apartments built in Trieste, at the foot of the Victory Lighthouse, an imposing work by Trieste architect Arduino Berlam which also serves as a monument commemorating the fallen in the First World War. "

WeeHouse. Alchemy Architects. 2003

" Living in a weeHouse? There's no doubt it can be an excellent alternative to a conventional house. "

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