Ixtapa House - Fernando Romero.
Punta Ixtapa, 2001

" Fernando Romero's Ixtapa House is a sensual, elegant, enclosing villa. "

Villa Hellearmen - Tommie Wilhelmsen.
Stavanger, 2005

" Villa Hellearmen in Stavanger, Norway, is the kind of house most of us only see in our dreams. "

Sports City Tower. Doha (Qatar). Hadi Simaan. 2006

" For the 2006 Asian Games (2-15 December), the city of Doha, capital of the small but wealthy country of Qatar, has undergone an urban transformation that in a short time has given it new sports structures and hotels - many of which have soon become powerful urban icons. "

Private House, Taipei

" Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Architect: Liu Tong Yu
Total Area: 160 mq "

Donnelly Gallery-Residence. Claudio Silvestrin.
Dublin. 2002

" One of the works that best represent the expressive language of Claudio Silvestrin, an architect who favours simplicity and clarity without ever becoming banal or cold. "

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