Casa O, Fabrizio Leoni.
Capoterra, Italy. 2004

" Has spaceship landed in Sardinia? A curious, unusual, funny shape has appeared on the island - something absolutely unheard-of in Sulcis, in southwestern Sardinia. Stairs rise up to the interior from ground level. "

Container City. Nicholas Lacey & Partners. London. 2002

" Recovery of industrial components to come up with innovative construction solutions: this is the concept inspiring the Container City project in London's outlying East Indian Dock area. "

Arconati 1. Milan. Massimo Roj. 2004

" Efficiency and flexibility are the principal guidelines inspiring Massimo Roj's Arconati 1 project in Milan. The two 13,000 square metre buildings are the result of an important real estate project promoted by Aareal Asset Management and entrusted to Progetto CMR. "

Villa Iraci

" Location: Misterbianco, Catania, Italy
Architect: Architect Antonio Iraci & Partners' Studio Archline

Arcosanti, Paolo Soleri's utopia

" An urban laboratory: this is Soleri's definition of Arcosanti, the city he planned and built to test an alternative to current forms of urban development. "

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