WeeHouse. Alchemy Architects. 2003

" Living in a weeHouse? There's no doubt it can be an excellent alternative to a conventional house. "

Casa Klotz, Playa Grande de Tongoy, 1991

" Location: Playa Grande, Tongoy, Chile
Architect: Mathias Klotz
Client: Isabel Germain
Land surface: 5,700 square metres
Building surface: 99 square metres
Structure: balloon frame
Year built: 1991 "

Riva Lofts. Claudio Nardi. Florence. 2006

" From the outside, it looks like a small hamlet sitting in a green corner of the city, and it has definitely preserved the spirit of a small village, though today it is an elegant "guesthouse": Riva Loft is the product of a transformation project by architect Claudio Nardi and his daughter Alice. "

Two Houses. Amsterdam. MVRDV. 2000

" The two homes designed by Dutch studio MVRDV for Amsterdam's Borneo-Sporenburg district may be considered minor but significant evidence of the innovative, experimental way these architects interpret the new urbanity and work with public space. "

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