Petronas Towers. Cesar Pelli & Associates. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). 1999

" Named after the oil company that had them built, they have become the symbol of the economic development of Malaysia: the Petronas Towers are two identical skyscrapers, 452 metres high, with a total surface area of around 340 thousand square metres. "

Hearst Tower. New York. Norman Foster. 2006

" It is a new piece of the skyline of the Big Apple and it certainly does not go unnoticed, given that it is 182 metres high, but above all due to its composite shape together with the reflections of 46 floors in glass and steel: the Hearst Tower is the building that the British architect Norman Foster has designed for the Hearst Publishing Group, needless to say. "

The Floating House - Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Chatou, 2006

" Living in a floating home. As if in a dream, on a watery cloud. In a home that moves, navigates, drifts with the current. "

Beach House - Artadi Arquitectos. Lima, Las Arenas, 2004

" A metaphysical house to the south of Lima, Peru. "

Swiss Re Tower. Foster and Partners. London. 2004

" In the heart of the City, at 30 St. Mary Axe, the Swiss Reinsurance Company building is not just a unique landmark on the London skyline but the first skyscraper in the city to be built to ecological criteria. "

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