The Box. Culver City (California). Eric Owen Moss. 1994

" A precarious balance, an unexpected movement, a design that takes nothing for granted: The Box is an "overconstruction" built on the roof of an existing building. "

Xeros House. Blank Studio. Phoenix. 2005

" Xeros is the Greek word for "dry", like the climate surrounding Blank Studio's Xeros House, one of the most interesting buildings in Arizona. "

Wind Tower. Yokohama. Toyo Ito. 1986

" It was designed 20 years ago, but it is a highly innovative form of architecture whose formal solutions and use of technology reveal all the contemporaneity of 21st century architecture: the Wind Tower is one of Toyo Ito's best-known projects. It earned him the 1987 Edwin Guth Memorial Award of Excellence from America's Illumination Engineering Society, a prestigious acknowledgement of the strong symbolic value of this work in its urban context. "

Hotel Burj al Arab, Thomas Wills Wright. Dubai. 1999

" We could definitely call this a record-breaking hotel, as it is the world's tallest (321 m), most luxurious (7 stars) hotel and, of course, one of the world's most expensive ones: "Burj Al Arab" is the "Arabian tower" built in the sea, in the part of the Persian Gulf famous for its spectacular futuristic architecture, primarily intended for tourism. "

Torno Internazionale building, Dante O. Benini & Partners. Milan. 2005

" A project of obvious aesthetic quality, but not dominated solely by architectural style, because it is always based on the needs of structural and technical solutions: Torno Internazionale SpA's new offices in Milan were designed by Dante O. Benini & Partners and are characterised by use of innovative solutions, especially for energy conservation. "

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