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Architecture in Barcelona as seen by Josep Lluís Mateo

" We talk about Barcelona with Josep Lluís Mateo, following the release of his app for tourists and architects entitled “BCN architecture guide”, downloadable free of charge from his web site. What to see and what to avoid, according to Josep Lluís Mateo: a tour of the less touristy, less famous side of Barcelona. "

Expansion of a former factory in Sheffield

" The architects of Project Orange reclaim unused spaces in an old factory at 192 Shoreham Street in Sheffield, England. The project adapts spaces originally built in Victorian times for use as a bar/restaurant and raises them with a duplex structure to contain office space, making the project into an urban landmark. "

TAO: riverside club house in Yancheng (China)

" There are some interesting similarities and differences between Mies van der Rohe’s important Farnsworth House project and the clubhouse recently built by Chinese architect Hua Li. If we look at the design and the choice of structural and cladding materials, we can see how the contemporary project stands out from the masterpiece of the past to which it pays homage. "

Cano Briceño: Café and Estudio 5 for artists

" Alfredo Cano Briceño shows the world of design that it is possible “to make something out of nothing”, constructing a sustainable building using recycled materials with a high expressive potential, in a contemporary project in which architecture is at the service of art and culture in the context of a place of entertainment. "

Saucier+ Perrotte at the Scandinave Les Bains Vieux

" Scandinave Les Bains Vieux Spa allows people to experience the benefits of water therapies, conveyed by interior architecture through a succession of walls and floors which are never the same, bearing the highly personal mark of Saucier+Perrotte studios. "

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