Water Tower - Jo Crepain. Antwerp, 1996

23-11-2007 Facebook Floornature Twitter Floornature Google Plus Floornature An old water tower becomes an unusual home.

The Water Tower is a 1996 project by Jo Crepain in Antwerp, Belgium. This historical industrial structure has been brought back to life by conversion into a residence, interpreted as an alternative to its former use.
The structure was built as a water reservoir at the beginning of the last century and used until 1937, when four more efficient towers were built in the city. In 1950 the City of Antwerp purchased the structure, which was abandoned and left to decay. Landscape architect Jan Moereels was fascinated by the history of the place, and purchased the tower and the land around it, commissioning Jo Crepain to convert the tower into a residence for a single person.
In his transformation of the tower, the Belgian architect kept its original function in mind and used materials related to this industrial function: reinforced concrete, galvanised metal and industrial glass. He modified the distribution of spaces to adapt the structure to its new use; the rooms are arranged vertically, from the most open, public areas on the bottom level to the bedroom and winter garden at the top of the tower, offering an extraordinary view over the city.