Auditorio y Palacio de Congresos de Castellón, Carlos Ferrater. 2004

06-07-2005 Facebook Floornature Twitter Floornature Google Plus Floornature L'Auditorio y Palacio de Congresos de Castellón is the extraordinary result of a design competition announced in 1991 by the Ayuntamiento de Castellón, working with the Generalitat Valenciana and the Castelló Cultural.

Ferrater is well aware of Alvar Aalto's teachings. In the Institute of the Botanical Garden in Barcelona, and even more in this work, his architecture for the most part expresses itself through the simplicity of its natural materials and is at its best in full sunlight, "immaterial material" which conducts the orchestra of the shadows on the volumes, sometimes dividing them and sometimes blending them together, with the effect of creating constantly changing outlines for the buildings.
These are the marks of his Mediterranean culture, incessantly seeking solar and always simple atmospheres. A culture different from that of his Scandinavian teachers, but close to it because he tends to dress his buildings in the lightest, most ethereal, dynamic and creative material that exists: sunlight.

Francesca Oddo

Institute of the Botanical Garden of Barcelona, Carlos Ferrater
Auditorio y Palacio de Congresos de Castellon
Ferrater & Guibernau: vocational school in Lloret de Mar, Spain