RB12 of Triptyque and the renewal of Rio de Janeiro

" Urban renewal and green retrofitting are the keys to Triptyque’s RB12 project in Rio de Janeiro. Triptyque’s RB12 office building in Avenida Rio Branco is part of the “Porto Maravilha” project commissioned by the City of Rio for the 2016 Olympics. "

RDLP Arquitectos’ Torre San Pedro in Mexico

" RDLP Arquitectos designed the new Torre San Pedro in San Pedro Garza García, south of Monterrey, Mexico. The Torre San Pedro’s ventilated façade, designed by RDLP Arquitectos, is a special product by Iris Ceramica Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, distributed by Versitalia, the local branch of the Italian group.

LANDA Arquitectos: Pabellón M in Monterrey (Mexico)

" LANDA Arquitectos has completed Pabellón M in Monterrey. The city of Monterrey now has a new public centre with a 52 storey concrete and glass tower. The ceramic tiled floors in Pabellón M feature special materials made by Iris Ceramica Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti and Ariostea and distributed by Versitalia, the local branch of the Italian group. "

Manuelle Gautrand and the Forum in a Saint-Louis, Alsace

" Manuelle Gautrand designed a new Forum for sports, festivals and performances in Saint-Louis, Alsace. In the architecture of the Forum, Manuelle Gautrand was inspired by the urban planning of Saint-Louis, with its low houses alternating with dense housing blocks.

Bárcena y Zufiaur redevelops Vitoria food market

" It took a lot of work, but Bárcena y Zufiaur have finally completed their redevelopment of Mercado de Abastos (food market) near Plaza de Santa Bárbara in Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Basque country. With a new skin of glass and steel, Bárcena y Zufiaur’s Mercado de Abastos has been restored its central role in the cityscape. "

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