Arthur Casas  Brazilian pavilion EXPO 2015

" Architect Arthur Casas talks about his plans for the Brazilian pavilion at EXPO 2015. From the inheritance of Paulo Mendes da Rocha and Oscar Niemeyer to environmental policies, the architecture of Arthur Casas’ pavilion for EXPO 2015 abounds in symbols of today’s Brazil. "

St. Petersburg Expoforum: Speech and Gerasimov with GranitiFiandre

" Speech and Gerasimov and partners are designing the new St. Petersburg Expoforum Congress and exhibition complex, featuring GranitiFiandre coverings. The St. Petersburg Expoforum’s particularly dramatic external cladding is made by GranitiFiandre.

Triptyque and Groenlândia shopping centre in San Paolo

" Triptyque, the French/Brazilian studio that designed Groenlândia, a new shopping centre in Jardins, one of the top residential districts in San Paolo, Brazil, seems to want to redefine gravity. Triptyque’s Groenlândia is a private space where the architecture is open to the public and to the city. "

Li Xiaodong’s The Screen and architecture as a bridge to landscape

" The Screen is a building designed by Li Xiaodong for Ningbo (China), a study of the relationship between landscape and building, of architecture as a bridge for sharing spaces with nature and reducing our footprint on the land. "

Rafiq Azam’s S P Setia headquarters in Setia Alam, Malaysia

" Renowned for his interpretation of residential architecture in Bangladesh, Rafiq Azam (Shatotto) now addresses the theme of the office, designing the new S P Setia headquarters in Setia Alam, Malaysia. The S P Setia headquarters is the first private commercial building in Malaysia to be awarded Leed Platinum certification. "

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