Bárcena y Zufiaur redevelops Vitoria food market

" It took a lot of work, but Bárcena y Zufiaur have finally completed their redevelopment of Mercado de Abastos (food market) near Plaza de Santa Bárbara in Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Basque country. With a new skin of glass and steel, Bárcena y Zufiaur’s Mercado de Abastos has been restored its central role in the cityscape. "

CF Møller and signs new Bestseller offices in Aarhus (Denmark)

" The accuracy of the compositional language of CF Moller translates into a new office complex for the fashion brand Bestseller in Aarhus (Denmark). The Bestseller offices on Aarhus Harbour are a multi-block complex, a small city within a city offering a balanced mixture of buildings and outdoor spaces.

Jean Nouvel+MDW: Charleroi Police Headquarters and Charleroi Danses

" In Charleroi, Belgium, Atelier Jean Nouvel and MDW Architecture have renovated the historic Caserne Defeld cavalry barracks to house the police headquarters and Charleroi Danses centre. A new landmark for the city, designed by Jean Nouvel and MDW, containing the offices of the police force.

Tsuruga Multipurpose Center ORUPARK by Chiba Manabu Architects

" ORUPARK Multipurpose Center stands on the site of an an early twentieth-century railway station in Tsuruga, Japan. Chiba Manabu Architects have preserved the original station layout in the new ORUPARK, a multipurpose park open to the city of Tsuruga.

Foster+Partners at Chateau Margaux: expansion and renovation

" Norman Foster and his studio expand and renovate the Domaine Chateau Margaux in Bordeaux. The new winery designed by Norman Foster maintains continuity with the existing parts of the nineteenth-century Chateau Margaux.

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