Distilleria Zanin Zugliano with FMG floor tiles

" Having outgrown its historic headquarters in the centre of Zugliano (Italy), Distilleria Zanin opened a new distillery by converting a former silk workshop on the outskirts of the town. FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti supplied floor tiles for the sales and production areas. "

Ricardo Bofill and La Fàbrica: studio in a former cement factory

" La Fàbrica is now Ricardo Bofill’s home and studio. In 1973 the Spanish architect found a big old cement factory and converted it to contain his studio, as well as exhibition spaces and halls for concerts and other cultural events. The surreal atmosphere of the place inspired Ricardo Bofillìs visionary architectural regeneration plan.

Arthur Casas  Brazilian pavilion EXPO 2015

" Architect Arthur Casas talks about his plans for the Brazilian pavilion at EXPO 2015. From the inheritance of Paulo Mendes da Rocha and Oscar Niemeyer to environmental policies, the architecture of Arthur Casas’ pavilion for EXPO 2015 abounds in symbols of today’s Brazil. "

St. Petersburg Expoforum: Speech and Gerasimov with GranitiFiandre

" Speech and Gerasimov and partners are designing the new St. Petersburg Expoforum Congress and exhibition complex, featuring GranitiFiandre coverings. The St. Petersburg Expoforum’s particularly dramatic external cladding is made by GranitiFiandre.

Triptyque and Groenlândia shopping centre in San Paolo

" Triptyque, the French/Brazilian studio that designed Groenlândia, a new shopping centre in Jardins, one of the top residential districts in San Paolo, Brazil, seems to want to redefine gravity. Triptyque’s Groenlândia is a private space where the architecture is open to the public and to the city. "

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