Daniel Libeskind’s Kö-Bogen office complex in Düsseldorf

" Daniel Libeskind’s architectural studio designed Kö-Bogen office and retail complex in Düsseldorf. The architectural project establishes an urban link between the Hofgarten, Düsseldorf’s central park, and the Königsallee, creating a large pedestrian-friendly area. Daniel Libeskind’s Kö-Bogen takes the form of 2 buildings with 6 floors and inner courtyards, linked by a raised walkway and containing offices and shops. "

A-Lab Arkitekturlaboratoriet: Statoil regional and international offices

" The shape and expressive surfaces of the Norwegian energy company Statoil's office complex reflect the research and innovation that are the keys to the company's operations, achieving significant results in the area of sustainability. A-Lab Arkitekturlaboratoriet's project won the competition held in 2009. "

Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects: The Crystal in Copenhagen

" Schmidt Hammer Lassen’s The Crystal is one of many contemporary constructions in the city of Copenhagen. With its geometric shape developed on the basis of the shape of the corner lot, the new Nykredit building uses materials such as glass and steel to improve its sustainability. "

GH + A (Guillermo Hevia Architects): olive oil factory in Chile

" The Olisur olive oil factory designed by GH + A (Guillermo Hevia Architects) is perfect for its location: its shape and the materials used in it are the architectural expression of the features of the landscape at Fundo San José de Marchigüe, an estate in central Chile. The project addresses the need for sustainable production by making use of natural ventilation and light. "

OMA: uffici del Shenzhen Stock Exchange

" OMA’s new Shenzhen Stock Exchange in China is an innovative, symbolic building. Located at a nerve centre for traffic in the city, the construction is a skyscraper with its base raised 36 metres above the ground and walls covered with translucent glass revealing the form of the structural grid. "

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