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Mazzanti’s new Pies Descalzos School in Cartagena

" El Equipo de Mazzanti, the studio run by Colombian architect Giancarlo Mazzanti, designed the new Pies Descalzos School in Cartagena, Colombia: a building for the promotion of social integration in the difficult urban context of Lomas del Peyé. Mazzanti’s Pies Descalzos School in Cartagena is one of the finalists in Floornature’s international Next Landmark 2014 contest. "

Otxotorena: Navarra University campus, Pamplona

" In the new Faculty of Economics complex in Pamplona, Juan M. Otxotorena applies a specific vocabulary to the façade, going back to the archetype of the entrance colonnade and using vertical elements with a triangular section to lighten its form. Bare concrete, glass and metal are the materials he puts together. "

Bolles + Wilson: transformation of a church in Münster into a kindergarten

" Bolles+Wilson converted the deconsecrated church of San Sebastiano in Münster into a kindergarten. The elliptical shape of the church’s floor plan turned out to be ideal for creating a large play area, and the children attending the new institution will assimilate the value of protecting a space and remembering its identity from a tender age. "

Khosla Associates: DPS Kindergarten School in Bangalore

" DPS Kindergarten School in Bangalore, a project by Khosla Associates, experiments with a form of sustainability involving screening of sunshine with traditional terra cotta jaalis and natural ventilation and lighting. The building, based on a concrete module with corrugated sheet metal walls, proclaims a democratic model of schooling. "

Tchoban&Kuznetsov: Museum for architectural drawing in Berlin

" Russian architects Sergei Tchoban and Sergey Kuznetsov of Speech have created a museum for architectural drawings in Berlin’s arts district. The form and design of the construction makes it a landmark overlooking one of the city’s liveliest districts. The building’s architecture demonstrates its functions, so that it is both the medium and the message. "

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