Dorte Mandrup and the SH2-Sundbyoster Hall 2 complex in Copenhagen

" After the interesting ideas expressed in the Råå Day Care Centre, Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter has designed a multipurpose building in Copenhagen's Sundbyoster district. Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter's SH2-Sundbyoster Hall 2 incorporates a sports centre, 12 apartments and a big supermarket.


Alberto Campo Baeza and the Raumplan in a house in Madrid

" Alberto Campo Baeza's Raumplan house applies the theories of Adolf Loos. Campo Baeza reflects on the current potential of the Raumplan as spatial development, creating an extremely “mute” home in which the main point of view is from the inside.

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San Paolo of the future according to Studio Triptyque

" How is San Paolo, Brazil changing? Studio Triptyque talks about Minhocão Marquise, an urban redevelopment product recalling the New York High Line, and the fight to achieve social integration and eliminate "gated communities”. "


Kengo Kuma designs Towada City Plaza community centre

" After winning a competition organised by the municipality of Towada, Kengo Kuma built Towada City Plaza with the intention of attracting interest and attention back to the centre of the Japanese city. Kengo Kuma’s Towada City Plaza project is already famous for its wooden playground inspired by the hilly landscape. "


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