South West Architecture with FMG for Falcon Tower in Doha

" The Falcon Tower, a gigantic new hotel with 25 floors designed by SWA, South West Architecture, is currently under construction. The floor and wall coverings in the Falcon Tower were designed by SWA and made by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti.


Dominique Coulon renovates the municipal swimming pool in Bagneux, Paris

" Dominique Coulon has expanded and renovated the municipal swimming pool in Bagneux, on the outskirts of Paris, creating a building that interacts with the neighbourhood. Dominique Coulon has placed a new concrete volume containing a hall and a solarium terrace before the existing pool building. "


Iris Group SuperSurfaceSpace Gallery, designed by Metrogramma, Moscow

" The Iris Group has opened SuperSurfaceSpace, its new Moscow gallery and showroom. The interior is designed by Metrogramma, who came up with an innovative system of steel panels covered with ceramic permitting transformation of the space for many different functions. "

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El Equipo Mazzanti Giancarlo Mazzanti e Carlos Medellín, interview

" El Equipo Mazzanti (Giancarlo Mazzanti and Carlos Medellín) talk about architecture as a tool for social change. El Equipo Mazzanti sees architecture in Colombia as a scenario for promoting inclusion in society. "


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