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Tamassociati x Emergency

" As a preview of the topics that will be discussed at the Tamassociati x Emergency exhibition and event opening at FAB Milano on June 19, Tamassociati talks about its constructions in Sudan and the new Emergency headquarters that will be constructed in Milan.


Tetsuo Kondo Architects’ House in Chayagasaka, Japan

" Tetsuo Kondo Architects, a young Tokyo architectural studio, designed the House in Chayagasaka, Aichi (Japan). Tetsuo Kondo’s House in Chayagasaka expresses a new concept of dwelling in which spaces not only have no clear boundaries but intersect, forming a single space for all shared activities. "


Ricardo Bofill and La Fàbrica: studio in a former cement factory

" La Fàbrica is now Ricardo Bofill’s home and studio. In 1973 the Spanish architect found a big old cement factory and converted it to contain his studio, as well as exhibition spaces and halls for concerts and other cultural events. The surreal atmosphere of the place inspired Ricardo Bofillìs visionary architectural regeneration plan.


ZAO/standardarchitecture: Micro-Yuan’er in a hutong in Beijing

" An art centre and a library designed by ZAO/standardarchitecture in a converted hutong in Beijing. Micro-Yuan’er is the name of the project ZAO/standardarchitecture implemented in the Cha'er Hutong, without betraying its historic architecture. "


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