Harmonia 57 Triptyque, Sao Paolo Brazil

" Starting with their contribution to the volume “Architecture on the web. A critical approach to communication”, edited by Paolo Schianchi, Triptyque studio talks about architecture in San Paolo, Brazil and a competition for a polar station. "


St. Petersburg Expoforum: Speech and Gerasimov with GranitiFiandre

" Speech and Gerasimov and partners are designing the new St. Petersburg Expoforum Congress and exhibition complex, featuring GranitiFiandre coverings. The St. Petersburg Expoforum’s particularly dramatic external cladding is made by GranitiFiandre.


Estudio Barozzi Viega designs the new Szczecin Philharmonic Hall

" The new Szczecin Philharmonic Hall designed by Barozzi Viega studio of Barcelona stands on the site of the old Konzerthaus. Szczecin Philharmonic Hall is a building with a bold identity that has already become a landmark in the city.

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Lahdelma & Mahlamäki design the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia in Espoo

" A series of eco-sustainable solutions make Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects’ Finnish Nature Centre Haltia in Espoo an example for future constructions in Finland. In the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects have created a symbol of the relationship between nature and culture in Finland.


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