Olson Kundig, Studhorse rural retreat, Methow Valley (USA)

" Studhorse holiday home designed by Seattle studio Olson Kundig is located in Methow Valley, in Washington state. Olson Kundig’s Studhorse is a hymn to landscape, considered not just as a view but as a part of the rituals of everyday living.


RB12 of Triptyque and the renewal of Rio de Janeiro

" Urban renewal and green retrofitting are the keys to Triptyque’s RB12 project in Rio de Janeiro. Triptyque’s RB12 office building in Avenida Rio Branco is part of the “Porto Maravilha” project commissioned by the City of Rio for the 2016 Olympics. "

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Herzog & de Meuron: Expansion of Unterlinden Museum in Colmar

" By expanding Unterlinden Museum in Colmar, Herzog & de Meuron make space for the museum’s modern art collections and for temporary exhibitions. The city of Colmar obtains the reopening of the Sinn canal and the new Unterlinden Square through a project that establishes continuity with the forms and proportions of the historic Unterlinden Museum. "


Vector Architects and the Seashore Library on the beach in China

" The Seashore Library, winner of the Archmarathon prize, is one of Vector Architects’s most surprising projects. A concrete block on the beach in Beidaihe New District, China, represents Vector Architects’ reflection on the relationship between landscape and architecture. "


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