Luigi Rosselli e The Great Wall of WA (Western Australia)

" The Great Wall of WA (Western Australia) by Luigi Rosselli is a long rammed earth wall as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. Luigi Rosselli designed 12 residences for livestock farmers here. The red colour of The Great Wall of WA is a result of the colour of the local clayey sand. "


Mateo Arquitectura renovates Barcelona’s Ninot market

" Ninot market in Barcelona’s Eixample district has reopened. Built in 1933, the facility was renovated by Mateo Arquitectura of Spain. Mateo Arquitectura’s project has given Ninot market a new relationship with the city. "

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Urban Spa: a PKMN workshop with students in Chihuahua

" Urban Spa is the winner of the Next Landmark 2015 contest, in the Landmark of the Year category. The project was created from a workshop by the PKMN studio with students from ISAD,Chihuahua (Mexico). A landmark to re-appropriate Parque Urueta by the people. "


Interview with Shigeru Ban

" Winner of the 2014 Pritzker Prize Shigeru Ban talks about his recent projects at the “Archi-Depot Tokyo” exhibition at Triennale di Milano. Shigeru Ban discusses his intuition of mobile screens for the Oita Prefectural Art Museum and his contribution to reconstruction after the earthquake in Nepal in April 2015. "

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