Peter Eisenman, Deportivo Stadium
La Coruña

Peter Eisenman,


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That Eisenman likes football is well-known. At the 7x70 conference, in January in Genoa, he made his report wearing a Sampdoria team shirt. And when someone then asked him what he was working on, he replied with a smile: "football".

Peter Eisenman, Deportivo Stadium <br> La Coruña The spatial layout has been studied in the utmost detail, guaranteeing the most flexible use of the complex and taking great care to ensure that sunlight permeates within it to permit the best possible visibility for spectators.
Air conditioning is provided only in a few areas where the highest level of comfort is required: elsewhere technology is used to make the best possible use of natural ventilation.
The first part of the work to be completed will be the football pitch, followed by all the sports facilities and other structures which will help to create this new centre for sport and for the city.

Anna Calvanese


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