Penser tout haut | Faire l'architecture

The exhibition addresses an important challenge linked with research and reflection about the very nature of the process of creation and the methods and components permitting translation of a good idea into an exceptional work of architecture, art or design.

Penser tout haut | Faire l'architecture

Where does architecture start? How are ideas born, and how do they take on material form? Where does architectural thought become architectural creation?
Where do architects find their inspiration? What tools do they use? Do their studies and tools have an impact on the choices they make in design?
The exhibition open February 11 through April 18 2010 at the Centre de Design of the University of Quebec in Montréal (UQAM) offers a point of view and concrete answers to questions like these.
The exhibition is based on an idea by Elke Krasny and presents to the public eleven international architectural studios and eleven Canadian ones. Different architectural studios are presented through text and quotations from conversations with architects, snapshots taken in architects’ studios, and a selection of objects from different architectural practices. Céline Poisson has prepared about sixty material and conceptual exhibits: tools architects and designers use in their day-to-day work for calculation and measurement, drawing and making notes and comments; the collection includes objects both simple and sophisticated from different ages, from the Iphone to Lego bricks, from the laptop computer to the tour guide.
(by Agnese Bifulco)

Exhibition : Penser tout haut | Fairel’architecture
Dates: February 11 to April 18 2010
Where: Centre de design, UQAM, Montréal, Canada
(1-2)by Elke Krasny /Photographic layout: Atelier Louis-CharlesLasnier under the direction of Angela Grauerholz;
(3-4)by Michel Brunelle
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