Ortner & Ortner: Landeszentralbank, Potsdam, Berlin


The "Landeszentralbank" rises within a block in the Berliner Vorstadt(the easternmost part of Potsdam): the neighbourhood largely consists of city villas with gardens facing onto the street, creating a unique rhythm in the surrounding area.

Ortner & Ortner: Landeszentralbank, Potsdam, Berlin In all the buildings a theatrical vision and an architectonic vocabulary rigid in terms of image predominate: the complex has an innovative, though not invasive appearance, with recognisable, modern decorative motifs which manage to fit into their surroundings.

The two architects have attempted to comply with the area?s building code, though their main concern in the principal building was creating an appropriate finish for the strong-room containing the bank?s cash.
Thus they built an abstract, closed volume, a bit like a foreign body, almost dematerialised in relation to the rest of the complex.

Floriana De Rosa

Link: http://www.ortner.at/pots2.html


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