Maziar Behrooz Architecture Art Studio 

New York, USA, USA,

Bar, SPA,


The container – once associated with degraded industrial suburbs and improvised emergency shelters – has now become a building material for ecological architecture which recycles and reuses things. In this project, two containers become a studio for a New York artist.

Maziar Behrooz Architecture Art Studio 

The art studio built by Maziar Behrooz Architecture is made from two containers set side by side, resting on a reinforced concrete base in a semi-underground room 3 m high. 75% of the floor of the containers has been cut out to create a premise two storeys high (more than 5 m) for use as a painting studio, in which a large staircase has been installed to provide access to the lower level. The staircase is an important element in the project permitting observation of works of art from different points of view, and acting as a transitional element linking the painting studio with the upper level, which is a more intimate work area. This is a space where people can sit down and think, with large windows to help them feel like part of the nature around them, for the studio is in an area rich in vegetation and the containers have been painted dark brown to blend in with the tree trunks.
(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Maziar Behrooz Architecture
Photographs: Maziar Behrooz Architecture
Location: New York, USA



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