Luxury in black and white: ReForm Architects' Zlotno House

Lodz, Polonia,



Under the guidance of Marcin Tomaszewski, ReForm has designed a number of luxury homes all over Poland. Zlotno House in Lodz breaks down luxury into black and white volumes.

Luxury in black and white: ReForm Architects' Zlotno House

Marcin Tomaszewski is a Polish architect who has designed a number of luxury homes. Over the years his studio, ReForm, has developed a refined aesthetic made up of large geometric volumes and skilfully conceived contrasts in materials.

For Zlotno House in Lodz, the idea is that of a clear separation: black and white, with marble and black-painted concrete walls forming distinct lines and volumes which are inevitably interwoven in an architectural harmony interrupted here and there by large windows.
In an attempt to understand the external structure, the laws of gestalt about grouping and perception are called into play: we ask ourselves whether the big concrete block has been cut in half by the white marble volume, or whether it acts as the point of departure for the broken-up black blocks.

The building may be divided into three main zones: the living area, a large open space of double height, entirely covered with glass; the residential part containing the bedrooms and bathrooms, on the upper level, and, finally, the "technical" part, at the back of the ground floor, with access to the garage.

Francesco Cibati

Year: 2014
Location: Lodz, Poland
Images courtesy of ReForm Architects



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