Jae Cha
Church in Urubo, Bolivia

SPA, Ville, Offices, Rifugio,


Urubo, a village near Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Jae Cha<br /> 
Church in Urubo, Bolivia  Dimensions
113 m2

Completion of work in August 2000.
Planning took 8 months, while construction was completed in 10 days.

The architect has chosen a very simple plan. A single space, like a hut or a refuge of some kind. Despite this, the building's isolated position and its articulated walls convey an impressive sense of monumentality, necessary to a public building.
The template drawn by the translucent panels creates a play of light and shadow which reminds us of the time of day and the season of the year, lending a mystical appearance to the interior.

This highly flexible public space was designed to supply the concrete, material basis for an economically diverse, independent community. The project is intended to emphasise independence over dependence, aiming to create public spaces offering direct routes to encourage the community to express its strength and vitality.

The simplest materials and techniques are employed:
The traditional local wood with layers of translucent polycarbonate, an inexpensive modern material. The quality of the church is high, while its overall appearance remains simple.
A sort of minimalism expressing a great aesthetic.

"Well-planned, well-designed public spaces capable of meeting the needs of the community are often neglected as a potential means of fighting poverty. Charity and generous giving may reduce need, but in order to put an end to poverty we need to develop sustainable methods and encourage the formation of a fabric of interactions in the community."

Jae Cha


Architect Jae Cha Tel: +1 202 462 5885
email: j@jaecha.net

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