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Granitifiandre was cited as a centre of excellence in Italy’s green economy at the first Greening Camp.

The Italian Environment Ministry and Luiss Guido Carli University in Rome organised Greening Camp, a day of meetings and debate about issues in the green economy.

The event demonstrated to a selected group of young people from more than 40 different universities how economic initiatives with a focus on environmental protection and sustainable use of natural and energy resources can become concrete business opportunities.

The centres of excellence in Italy’s green economy identified by Environment Minister Corrado Clini at the event included Granitifiandre.

Graziano Verdi, President and CEO of Granitifiandre & Iris Group,
presented his company’s innovation and production and emphasised the central role of environmental protection in his company's values:
“If we combine excellence in research, something Italy is not lacking, with economic resources, good intentions on the part of politicians and enterprise and the new generations’ increasing awareness of environmental issues, the green economy represents a concrete model for growth in the country, and could lead the way in economic recovery”.

Granitifiandre translates the concept of environmental conservation into investment in research and development in innovation of eco-sustainable production processes and the search for products that are good for the environment, as well as promotion of initiatives focusing on this theme.
The audience was shown numerous examples of marbles and granites recreated with similar aesthetic qualities to quarried stone but superior technical properties and without the negative consequences for the environment of extraction from the quarry, as well as eco-sustainable construction solutions such as “ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™” technology for wall and floor coverings with an anti-bacterial, anti-pollutant action, Maximum ceramic tiles, which reduce the amount of raw materials required by 50 to 75%, depending on thickness, and “Serie100”, made entirely out of recycled materials.



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