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Cristiana Cutrona

Interview by Flores Zanchi e Claudia Gelosa

Cristiana Cutrona talks about the interior design of the Microsoft innovation campus in Milan.
All the spaces, from work to informal spaces, are designed to encourage interactions and exchange between employee through and innovative way to conceive the work space.  

Cristiana Cutrona
Cristiana Cutrona has been working as an Architect in Milan since 1992, focusing on office building design with a complex process and timing schedule. As office builder design some of her leading project are: IMI – IW BANK in Milan, Hewlett Packard DCS in Rome and Ferrovie Real Estate in Milan. As project leader for space planning and design Cristiana Cutrona has been in charge of national and international projects such as the new Microsoft Headquarter in Italy, completed on July 2011, the KODAK office in Genova, the Wind Italia building in Milan and Daimler Chrisler office in Rome.
Cristiana Cutrona is also the founder of REVALUE. The design firm is recognized for architectural design and interior design, integrating innovation and professionalism to every commission.


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