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FMG Technological Tower

We use powerful computer workstations that dialogue with machine hardware and mechanics to imitate nature, reconstruct it, reinterpret and, in a certain sense, improve on it. All in collaboration with the biggest names in the world of design: designers and architects who achieve surprising results out of all these possible combinations. And the designers' skill is an essential component right from the start, precisely because it is not just a matter of sketching an idea for a design,
but of responding to product requirements which are not always fully expressed, something only ongoing collaboration with designers can guarantee.
The designer acts as a filter between the manufacturer and the end user.
It is a matter of establishing a magical balance between the new possibilities offered by technology and information science, the designers' contemporary interpretation and the skills involved in a highly flexible productive tradition for making the most of new opportunities and transforming them into reality.
Thus we manage to respond to end users' demands and, at times, even surprise them with the new aesthetic effects and formats that ongoing technological upgrading permits.


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