How to make Mosaic of Cuttlefish in Ink

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In this post we explain how to make this elegant seafood appetiser, creating a different look every time with dramatic white brushstrokes on a black background. The recipe is by chef Paolo Lopriore of “ Ristorante Il Portico” in Appiano Gentile (Como)

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How to make Mosaic of Cuttlefish in Ink 
Have you got the ingredients together to make Mosaic of Cuttlefish in Ink? Good: now we’ll explain how to make this seafood appetiser, as beautiful to look at as it is easy to make. White brushstrokes against a black background create a different look on every plate.
The recipe is by Paolo Lopriore, the chef at Ristorante “Il portico” in Appiano Gentile, in the province of Como, an instructor at ALMA-International School of Italian Cooking.
Here’s how to construct Mosaic of Cuttlefish in Ink.
  • Soak gelatine in cold water.
  • Clean cuttlefish and wash well.
  • Then separate the head from the body.
  • Cook cuttlefish in plenty of salted water for a few seconds.
  • Then cool right away.
  • Now, bring seawater to boil.
  • Add olive oil and cuttlefish ink.
  • Remove from heat and add squeezed gelatine.
  • Put the mixture into a cylindrical container.
  • Add cuttlefish.
  • Freeze in a blast chiller for 12 hours.

Presentation and garnish:
  • Use a slicing machine to cut the mixture into four slices half a centimetre thick.
  • Rest them on four individual serving plates.
  • Flavour with grated lemon peel, olive oil and minced parsley just before serving.
  • Add Trapani sea salt and pepper to taste.
Mariagrazia Villa
Recipe: chef Paolo Lopriore (“Il Portico” in Appiano Gentile, Como).
Recipe source: Luciano Tona, Arturo Delle Donne, Andrea Sinigaglia (a cura di), Gusto Italiano. Cucina contemporanea dei maestri Alma, Edizioni Plan, Milan, 2012.
Photograph of dish: Arturo Delle Donne.

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