All the technical aspects of porcelain tiles in an in-depth look at the material covering everything from ventilated façades to raised floors, from water jet cutting to aesthetic variations on surface textures. Design solutions and culture for an aesthetic of contemporary architecture, creating innovative new moods incorporating noble, economical, ecological use of ceramic surfaces. Ventilated facades, raised floors: different technical solutions for your designs. A course of study focusing on the specific theme of the economic and ecological benefits of using ventilated facades or raised floors and the multitude of possibilities for their application and decoration with ceramic tiles, from water jet cutting to use of porcelain stoneware in wellness centres and outdoor floors.

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Parco Leonardo Shopping Centre


Parco Leonardo Shopping Centre

Location: Rome, ItalyConstruction: 2005

Multipurpose building and former cinema<br> Arena Braga. Giulianova (Te)<br> Giovanni Vaccarini. 2004


Multipurpose building and former cinema
Arena Braga. Giulianova (Te)
Giovanni Vaccarini. 2004

Architect Giovanni Vaccarini's renovation of the old Braga cinema in Giulianova has transformed an...

Venice. New Palazzo del Cinema<br> 5+1 and Rudy Ricciotti. 2005


Venice. New Palazzo del Cinema
5+1 and Rudy Ricciotti. 2005

Venice's new Palazzo del Cinema will be built mostly underground to minimise impact on its natural...

Prada Epicentre in Tokyo, <br>Herzog & de Meuron. 2003


Prada Epicentre in Tokyo,
Herzog & de Meuron. 2003

Architecture today is about fashion. It has become a backdrop against which clothes and accessories...

Blanchardstown Shopping Centre - Red Mall


Blanchardstown Shopping Centre - Red Mall

Place: Blanchardstown, IrelandDesign: A&D Wejchert Architects Surface...

Savoy Cinema


Savoy Cinema

Place: Dublin, IrelandWork ends: November 2004Designer: McCabe...

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