Porcelain stoneware: a traditional way of renovating

Porcelain tiles inspired by classic traditions are reinterpreted by Porcelaingres with innovative, contemporary effects, promoting harmony among different elements and creative colour combinations

Porcelain stoneware: a traditional way of renovating
The aesthetic effect of porcelain tiles permits easy customisation of all spaces in the home drawing on one’s own inspiration and decorating style.
The blend of harmony and creativity obtained from different possible combinations of porcelain surfaces allows us to choose between the tradition of classic surfaces or the innovation of trendy design.
Application of the stone effect to porcelain, for example, allows us to rediscover the ancient art of classic wall and floor coverings, adding a lived-in look with countless different hues that make every single tile unique.
In the many collections produced by Porcelaingres it is easy to find inspiration for modelling and combining different modules, also on the basis of antique materials with a vintage charm given a renewed contemporary look, such as Soft Concrete and Medley Stone.
Soft Concrete marks a return to the elegance and "tradition typical of the belle époque in France and its refined bourgeois palaces", a tradition expressed through the timeless charm of a material that stands out for its simplicity and delicacy while at the same time abounding in style and content.
The Soft Concrete colour palette (White, Beige, Greige, Brown, Silver, Iron) clearly reflects an antique look, expressed in the nuances and geometric style of forms and decorative motifs, ideal for "use in contemporary shabby chic interiors and in rustic vintage settings".
Surfaces have a solid look with a soft finish, accentuating their highly expressive character. The technical properties of porcelain add important qualities such as hardness and long-term inalterability for truly resistant floors and walls.
Soft Concrete is available in rectangular and square shapes (120x60, 60x60, 60x30) as well as a decorative piece available in the 60x60 size based on the faded patterns of classic cement tiles, "worn and softened by the action of time", permitting further customisation through coverings.
Medley Stone is a collection of porcelain tiles designed on the basis of "sequences of marks made in stone".
With the apparent simplicity of the 3 available colours (Soft Cream, Perfect Greige and Cloudly Grey), Medley Stone also aims to blend in with its surroundings, naturally going with materials and elements such as wood, water and light.
Soft, simple colours give rise to creative combinations and can be balanced perfectly with both contemporary and traditional styles.


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