Lifestyle and atmosphere in the home: choosing porcelain stoneware flooring


Gres Porcellanato, Pietra,

Iris Ceramica’s porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles lay the sensorial foundations for creating an atmosphere of wellness and relaxation in the home.

Lifestyle and atmosphere in the home: choosing porcelain stoneware flooring

When architects choose ceramic and porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles they are choosing not only the material itself but the boundary, the sensorial perimeter within which the inhabitants? lifestyle will take on its form and structure.
The initial assessment is of decisive importance: all future customisations, all details, finishes and items of furniture will to all effects be dependant on our initial choice.
Our everyday surroundings also determine the atmosphere of our time and the sensations we not only experience ourselves but convey to others.

The bathroom, for example, an intimate space by definition, encloses in its essence a whole range of sensations, even if only for a few minutes; no-one wants to give up the experience of all-encompassing, exclusive, timeless wellness.
Patios and gardens are places of serenity and company, and are expected to provide comfort, contact with nature and fresh air.
Iris Ceramica?s vast range of porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles conveys these particular sensorial qualities, creating projects that underline the natural character and veins of stone, marble and travertine.
Collections such as Textile, Petra Aeterna and Piasentine, available in countless finishes and colour variants, permit applications of equal elegance and visual impact in important architectural projects and small spaces alike.

Marco Privato


01_Iris Ceramica – Piasentine collection. Colours: Cenere, Sabbia, Terra

02_Natural swimming pool, Suben, Austria. Aqua-landscaping design: Wagner&Weitlaner WasserWerkstatt OG. Building design: Pointner+Pointner, Architekturbüro Freistadt-Altstadt. Photo credits: Courtesy of Wagner&Weitlaner WasserWerkstatt OG

03_Round house, private home in Vartiokylä, Helsinki, Finland. Design: Olavi Koponen. Structural design: Oskari Laukkanen. Landscape design: Elina Tirkkonen. Photo credits: Jussi Tiainen

04_Home in Soglio, Graubünden, Switzerland. Design: Ruinelli Associati Architetti. Photo credits: Ruinelli Associati Architetti and Ralph Feiner.

05_Cluny House, Singapore. Design: Guz Architects. Photo credits: Patrick Bingham-Hall

06_Iris Ceramica – My Wall Collection. Colours: Brown, Candy, Grey, Ocean, Sand, Sky, Steel, White

07_Iris Ceramica – Textile Collection. Colours: Green, Grey, Orange, Red, Turquoise, White, Yellow

08_Linear House, Saltspring Island, British Columbia, Canada. Design: Patkau Architects (Greg Boothroyd, Christina Gray, Steffen Knab, Hiro Kurozumi, Renee Martin, John Patkau, Patricia Patkau, Peter Suter). Photo credits: James Dow

09_Iris Ceramica – Petra Aeterna Collection. Colours and finishes: Bianco Carrara, Pietra di lava, Bianco, Nero, Travertino classico

10_Iris Ceramica – Porcelainwood Collection. Colours and finishes: Crystalwood, Sandwood


Iris Ceramica – Piasentine

Natural swimming pool, Suben, Austria

Round house, Vartiokylä, Finland

Home in Soglio, Switzerland

Cluny House, Singapore

Iris Ceramica – My Wall

Iris Ceramica – Textile

Linear House, Saltspring Island

Iris Ceramica – Petra Aeterna

Iris Ceramica – Porcelainwood

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