The importance of size and shape in Stonepeak porcelain tiles



The many available sizes and shapes in Stonepeak's porcelain collections permit creation of highly original, attractive floor and wall coverings, adding to the number of possible compositions and underlining the qualities of any space using different combinations and contrasts of colour

The importance of size and shape in Stonepeak porcelain tiles

Porcelain tile sizes and shapes can become creative elements for original, modern floor and wall surfaces.
In addition to the conventional sizes of porcelain tiles (such as the classic 30x30 cm square and 30x60 rectangular tiles, as well as multiples and sub-multiples of 10 and 15 cm), in recent years many companies have offered a range of maxi-slabs (used primarily in large spaces, or to establish visual continuity between inside and outside) and a vast choice of strips.
Strips are the perfect choice for high impact colours such as wood-like porcelain tiles, which look like strips of parquet flooring.

The size and shape of porcelain tiles and slabs therefore plays a key role in determining the qualities of the space they line, as will be clear in the many collections produced by Stonepeak.
Beginning with carefully selected materials, Stonepeak designs colours and sizes that are given power by the unusual features of high-tech porcelain tiles and the laying scheme and colour combinations used.
In addition to the availability of decorative pieces and the very thin thickness that makes these tiles so easy to work with and light and easy to install, Stonepeak offers innovative unconventional shapes and sizes such as 4”x12” (about 10x30 cm), available in the AuraB and Adamas collections. Aura C is available in 7 colours (Breeze, Cool, Jet, Moss, Shell, Slate, Spice) based on earthy hues, and is particularly recommended for use in the backsplash in the kitchen, as it is available in a vast range of colours permitting different combinations and contrasts with kitchen furnishings.
The Adamas collection, shown in the gallery on bathroom walls, is another ideal wall covering.
Available in 10 colours, from Albus to Viola, it underlines spaces with its brightness and may be considered a design element in its own right. Aura and Adamas tiles are both available in the 10x30 size, ensuring versatility and adding considerable dynamism to spaces.

In the same size, 4”x12”, Stonepeak also offers an original porcelain tile, New Mosaics Design 1, part of the New Mosaics section (composed of different sizes, available in all the collections and broken down in turn into a Design scale from 1 to 5). New Mosaics Design 1 is a 4”x12” tile, the product of an original combination of different colours and numerous small sizes creatively arranged.
The particular composition of this original porcelain tile acquires greater visual power when seen as part of a whole, maintaining an aesthetic balance between its two “souls”.
We can in fact see it either as a covering element or a decorative element. New Mosaics Design 1 is available in 4 Stonepeak collections: Land, Limestone, Parkland and Sky. Further demonstrating Stonepeak's focus on shapes, a hexagonal tile is available in the Land, Parkland and Sky collections.
The decision to produce this unusual shape clearly demonstrates the desire to create an eclectic, original multi-coloured environment which determines the character and identity of a space even without requiring any special furnishings.


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