Flooring from the rural tradition in contemporary spaces


Classic, contemporaneo,

Classic, contemporaneo,

Gres Porcellanato,

Inspired by the rural tradition, Iris Ceramica’s Terre wall and floor coverings bring the harmony of classic surfaces made from simple, rough, traditional materials into homes and public spaces

Flooring from the rural tradition in contemporary spaces
Taking the vintage charm of the rural tradition into homes and public places is much more than an exercise in style or a passing fad. 
It is an attempt to re-appropriate a truly comfortable dimension of living characterised by handmade forms and iconic colours linked with the most traditional, simple, rough materials.
It is also an operation respecting the past and the present, creating a contemporary environment in warm, bold colours. The result is always harmonious, recognisable and truly expressive. 
A space where it is easy to feel inspired and at ease, instinctively finding a personal, familiar dimension in homes or a convivial social corner in public spaces.
Iris Ceramica’s Terre collection brings all the naturalness of materials indoors with porcelain floor and wall coverings offering a wealth of detail.
Spaces both large and small and projects for renovation of farmhouses, villas and courtyard houses can find inspiration in Terre for floor and wall coverings that are easy to combine with contemporary or traditional furnishings.
The 5 colours, Nero, Cenere, Ruggine, Argilla, and Creta, also provide a sensation of firmness and softness.
Another attraction of spaces with Terre floor and wall coverings is the presence of numerous decorations
Laid in contrast with porcelain tiles, these shapes create an original effect and a break in the overall visual continuity that underlines the beauty of floor and wall coverings. 
Excellent aesthetic results can be achieved both indoors and outdoors, establishing visual continuity or creating a contrast between indoor flooring and outdoor patios, balconies, arcades and pergolas. 


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