La Champa, Chihuahua, by Urbánika


Chihuahua, MX,


Mexican architecture firm, Urbánika has designed La Champa, a restaurant bar in Chihuahua.

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La Champa, Chihuahua, by Urbánika Mexican architecture firm, Urbánika has designed La Champa, a restaurant bar in Chihuahua. A convivial, friendly venue whose design concept is based on the typical wicker basket of Spanish bakeries, the country that La Champa references in its food and wine offerings.

The architects from Urbánika, the Mexican firm known to our readers for their work in Chihuahua, like the boxing gym or the gym adapted for disabled users, have this time worked on the creation of the La Champa restaurant bar in district 1, a new urban planning zone in the city.
In keeping with the house specialities - bubbly Spanish Cava wine accompanied by traditional chapata bread - the architects, Oscar Chávez and Federico Campos decided to play with the typical elements connected to this venue, including the wicker baskets used to serve the bread. The result is an architectural narrative of the interiors where the textile theme becomes the common thread running through the creative design of this space.
The building is tall and narrow and its division and use are possible by means of the addition of curved strips of wood that cover the walls and ceiling. This solution references the technique of weaving and hides the plumbing and wiring, but it is also practically used to hang up the cured meats on sale and gives the whole place a unitary, dynamic image. A latticed white wall like a lace curtain - continuing the textile theme - separates the shared space from the mezzanine that includes a private room, a small office and storeroom, without breaking the visual communication and the depth of the building.
Urbánika offsets all this lightness with the skilful use of stone at the entrance into La Champa, where the counter some of which is made from local marble acts as a link to the territory and the solid base for tasting the Spanish specialities.
La Champa by Urbánika is a dynamic, friendly venue, the end result of a design storytelling that never loses sight of the links with both the contents offered and with its location.

Christiane Bürklein

Project: Urbánika, www.urbanika.com.mx
Architects in charge: Oscar Chávez, Federico Campos
Collaborators: Juan Rivera, Victoria Sierra, Adrián Gallegos 
Location: Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico
Year: 2016
Area: 92 m2
Photographs: Federico Campos


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