Form Matters - Questioni di forma

08-11-2010 Facebook Floornature Twitter Floornature Google Plus Floornature Twenty-five years of work by David Chipperfield Architects in an exhibition at the Arsenali Medicei in Pisa until January 16 2011.

The Arsenali Medicei in Pisa, the future home of the Roman Ships Museum, will host the exhibition Form Matters - Questioni di forma, curated by David Chipperfield’s studio. The travelling exhibition has already been to Europe’s biggest cities to tell the story of twenty-five years of work by the British architectural studio. Chipperfield’s most important projects are represented by big models, drawings, sketches and photographs. In Pisa, the exhibition is enriched with an original section focusing on the restoration of the former Santa Chiara Hospital area in Pisa, for which the architect won an international competition held by the city authorities a number of years ago, and presentation of the Masterplan for the new Pisa (PIUSS), also commissioned of Chipperfield studios.

by Agnese Bifulco

Exhibition title: Form Matters - Questioni di forma
Dates: October 27 2010 – January 16 2011
Photographs:  David Chipperfield Architects
Location: Pisa, Italy