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06-11-2012 Facebook Floornature Twitter Floornature Google Plus Floornature Big Maximum ceramic tiles in the Marmi, Vertigo, Midnight, Nexus and Precious Stone versions not only give ceramic tiles a new identity with their 300x150 measurements but open up new possibilities for architecture.

Marble Slabs for Luxury Interior Wall Coverings: Precious Stones Fiandre Marble Slabs for Luxury Interior Wall Coverings: Precious Stones - Fiandre

White is not always white, and black is not always black. These opposite colours enclose within themselves a whole range of subtle variations in hue which emphasise what makes them different. In the same way, in architecture not everything is white, just as not everything is black: theories are interwoven and knowledge changes our methods and theories, step by step. In this movement bringing together colours and architecture there are materials which cover constructions and interior spaces, in which there is still something that goes beyond black and white: research.
An intellectual operation inspired by the desire for change, research goes beyond the limits of classicism to promote evolution of materials towards the new and unexpected. In this movement, ceramic tiles, balanced between black and white, have taken another step forward, establishing a balance between research, product and quality.

Marble Slabs for Luxury Interior Wall Coverings: Precious Stones - Fiandre

Last year Fiandre presented Maximum Extralite maxi ceramic tiles with their surprising extension of the concept of dimensions and thicknesses, but this year, almost as if it had made the metaphor of black and white its own, the company has gone even further with new Maximum tiles. Products designed for people who work in the field of architecture, for professionals who now have a ceramic material at their disposal which goes beyond the concept of the tile module to approach the dimensions of a panel, measuring 300X150: an architectural element ready to put to use in the service of creativity.
To bring the change to life, like a metaphor of black and white, Fiandre presented its Maximum Marbles in the Statuario Select Maximum and Imperial Black Maximum versions, in which Statuario Select Maximum combines a bold white background with grey veins, while the black of Imperial Black Maximum is lit up with crystalline veins.
Another of the company’s variations on the theme of black and white has a more incorporeal spirit, made up of material and chromatic evocations. Maximum ceramic tiles evolves into two proposals experimenting with the contrast between black and white through a delicate positive/negative vortex. Vertigo Maximum and Midnight Maximum alternate delicate whirlwinds of light and dark scrolls, tracing ever-changing motions on their surfaces.

Marble Slabs for Luxury Interior Wall Coverings: Precious Stones - Fiandre

But the material that most clearly breaks with the classic canons is Nexus Maximum, tiles with a black background featuring precious iridescent light effects and a delicate metallic sheen, creating an effect that allows us to glimpse the high-tech inspiration behind this ceramic material.
And finally, Fiandre amazes us with a proposal that goes beyond its research into the spaces between opposites such as black and white, presenting a collection that makes maxi tiles a true expression of chromatic uniqueness. Almost as if to fit into the countless precious possibilities of tone offered by research in ceramic tiles, the Precious Stone collection recreates the power and marvel of nature, maintaining the hues of precious natural stones unaltered. These tiles, designed using a patented technology, are based on a number of sources of inspiration including myths about the origins of Quartz, Amethyst, Carnelian, Amber and Onyx. Precious Stone and its resin-coated tiles conclude another step in applied research into advanced technologies, adding brightness and shine to ceramic surfaces. And Fiandre is only presenting a part of its research, so while we wait to be astounded by its next new product, let the architects get to work on the architecture of the future with these oversized ceramic panels.


Technical Ceramic Tiles for Indoor and Outdoor Flooring and Walls Fiandre
MAXIMUM MARBLES - A selection of the finest types of marbles: each single slab offers an area of 4,5 sq. mt. 
DATAUNI - Datauni invests porcelain tiles with colour, offering a full chromatic range with 12 colours in 2 finishes.
ASTER MAXIMUM - Beyond the limits of classical ceramic sizes, beyond the spatial boundaries, with its proposals in shades and sizes Aster Maximum puts itself

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