Kristin McKirdy – Céramiques exhibition

05-03-2013 Facebook Floornature Twitter Floornature Google Plus Floornature The Bordeaux Museum of the Decorative Arts has opened an exhibition of the ceramics of Kristin McKirdy offering a complete retrospective of the world-famous artist’s work.

Kristin McKirdy – Céramiques exhibition
The exhibition "Kristin McKirdy - Céramiques" now open at the Bordeaux Museum of the Decorative Arts presents the public with ceramic works created by Kristin McKirdy during her four-year "Résidence d’artiste" in Sèvres – Cité de la céramique - along with a selection of her earlier creations offering a complete overview of the artist?s production over the past twenty years.

Kristin McKirdy transforms ceramic, a primitive, informal material, into art; her works evoke the simple forms of early Mediterranean civilisations and pay homage to the tradition of Sevres, but like the ceramic products used in architecture, they are the product of on-going research.
The pieces made in Sevres were produced with the aid of about 120 artisans from the Cité de la céramique, from the mounters-chisellers who assembled the different elements to the chemists who came up with colour formulas created specifically for the artist.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: Kristin McKirdy - Céramiques
Dates: February 28 ? May 27 2013
Location: Musée des Arts décoratifs de Bordeaux, France
Images: © Benoît Grellet, © G. Jonca / Sèvres – Cité de la céramique