Architects: Biography Oscar Niemeyer


1928- finishes secondary school
1929- registers with the National School of the Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro
1934-graduates from the University of Rio de Janeiro with a degree in architecture
1935- works with Lucio Costa and Carlos Leao
1936- participates in the Ministry of Health and Education project; meets Le Corbusier and Gustavo Capanema
1939- travels to New York with Lucio Costa to design the Brazilian Pavilion at the World''s Fair
1945- joints the Brazilian Communist Party
1946- invited to teach a course at Yale University
1947- obtains a permit to travel to the United States; goes to New York to present a project for the United Nations headquarters
1954- travels to Europe and participates in the project for reconstruction of Berlin
1955- founds "Módulo" magazine in Rio de Janeiro; becomes head of the "NOVACAP Department of Architecture and Urban Studies", in charge of building Brasilia
1956- entrusted with holding the competition for the Brasilia city plan, and becomes a member of the panel of adjudicators
1962- appointed coordinator of the School of Architecture; travels to Lebanon to design the International Permanent Exhibition Centre
1963- appointed an honorary member of the American Institute of Architects in the United States
1964- goes to Israel for work, but upon receiving news of the military coup in Brazil, he returns home in November; appointed a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters
1965- leaves the University of Brazil to protest against university policy; travels to Paris to attend an exhibition of his works at the Louvre
1966- publishes the book "Quase memórias: Viagens"
1970- withdraws from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in protest against the war in Vietnam
1972-73- opens a practice near the Champs Elysées in Paris
1978- founds the "Centro Brasil Democrático CEBRADE" and is elected its President
1988- receives the Pritzker Prize for Architecture
1990- leaves the Brazilian Communist Party
1995- awarded honorary doctorates by the Universities of San Paolo and Minas Gerais
1996- receives the Leone d''Oro at the Venice Biennial
December 5, 2012 - date of death